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What we do

Fundación a la Rueda Rueda is a private non-profit organization that works to promote the sustainable development of vulnerable communities in Colombia by strengthening the education of children and youths (NNA) and their families through the A la Rueda Rueda Creative Leisure Pedagogical Model.

This Model seeks to develop several key skills to protect the beneficiaries from the risks that arise in their context and to help them consolidate a life project in accordance with their interests and talents, through art and sports.

What do our children achieve?

Among the skills worked on, the following are prioritized:

The development of soft skills and socio-affective competences

Strengthening of basic skills, especially reading and writing

The development
of creativity

The development of skills specific to the art or sport they choose to work on

The development of competencies specific to education for sustainable development

What we identify with


What motivates us?

Every day we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the vulnerable communities in which we work, by strengthening the education of children and youths through art and sports projects, generating protective and safe environments in which their skills and knowledge are reinforced to help them improve their human development.

Where are we headed?

By 2025, with the consolidation of our Pedagogical Model in the pilot Community Learning Center for Sustainable Development at the A la Rueda Rueda in Monteria, we will be leaders in social projects for children and youths in the Colombian Caribbean region and a national reference in the implementation of human development programs.

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