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What is our Creative Leisure Model?

It is a flexible pedagogical strategy that allows us to develop skills, abilities and knowledge of children and youths between the ages of 6 and 17, through music, dance, painting, chess, boxing, soccer and other sports.

The implementation of the A la Rueda Rueda Creative Leisure Model, contributes to guarantee the exercise of the rights of children and youths, and favors the consolidation of a life project according to their interests and abilities. While the children participate in the Foundation's programs, we also seek to involve the family nucleus because we know that change is promoted at home.

Creative Leisure

How do we do it?

The Foundation has three lines of action:

Direct service

In our headquarters in Montería we have two main areas: the first is art, composed of music, painting and dance programs, and the second is sports, composed of boxing, chess and soccer programs. This line provides beneficiaries with accompaniment in each program, nutritional supplements, human development workshops and psychosocial support.

Care mediated by educational institutions

Aimed at strengthening the areas of art and sports through the development of cross-cutting projects that integrate knowledge to solve specific issues in context. It includes training for teachers, didactic material, and materials for the projects, as well as follow-up and review.

Programs to promote the discipline of chess

As a strategy to strengthen the integral development of children and youths by supporting their cognitive and formative skills, through a "science sport" teaching model that combines virtuality and on-site attendance. This line of work is crystallized year after year with the A la Rueda Rueda Caribbean Chess Tournament.

Creative Leisure

Our Programs

Our A la Rueda Rueda Creative Leisure Pedagogical Model, strengthens the capacities and knowledge of children and youths based on the axes of art and sports, which include a strong socio-emotional component focused on the development of soft skills and creativity of the beneficiaries.

Art axis

In a broad sense, creativity can be understood as a way of thinking and interpreting everything that surrounds us. In children and youths, it is the most natural way of expressing themselves in adverse situations and, together with different artistic activities, it allows them to explore reality, externalize their thoughts, feelings, interests and desires, achieving effective skills for their present and future development.

Artistic expression helps children and youths to clear their fears, strengthen their self-esteem, and generate respect and trust towards others, opening for them infinite possibilities through sound, shape, color, and movement.

In all the programs of this axis, a semester project is developed that includes activities of artistic appreciation, research, exploration of oneself and our setting, handling of a technique, as well as the production of their own works and their presentation to the community in a final event.


Painting program

This program focuses on getting children and youths to appropriate artistic language using different techniques and the appreciation of works from different periods, in order to express their own ideas and feelings about themselves and their context.

The program has three levels. At each level, the children produce works that are valued as works of art. The Foundation exhibits them in different community and local spaces so that the children can put into practice all the activities involved in the management and presentation of their production.

Dance program

In the dance program, children and youths deepen their knowledge, skills and techniques of this artistic language, such as: body, space, time, movement intention and form.

The aim is for the children to express their emotions and the vision they have of their reality, through dance and the creation of original choreographies. In addition, they are offered the opportunity to present their productions in different spaces in front of different audiences to enrich and give new life to this important manifestation of the culture of the Colombian Caribbean.

Music program

With the support of the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation, the music program seeks to strengthen not only the musical skills of children and youths, but also their creativity, soft skills and competencies to promote the sustainable development of their community.

From this perspective, the overall objective of the project is to show the children all the possibilities that music offers to enrich both their individual future and the future of their community, and to give them the necessary tools to take advantage of them.

The Music program has three levels: music training level, initiation level and orchestra level.

  • Choir
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Recorder Ensemble
  • Colored bells Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Children and youth orchestra,
  • Youth choir,
  • Guitar ensemble

Sports axis

The sports axis currently includes chess, boxing, soccer and other sports programs. In accordance with the methodology proposed by the A la Rueda Rueda Creative Leisure Pedagogical Model, all programs develop a semester project that follows a 9-step route, in which they work on body awareness, respect and care of the body, motor games and body expression, in addition to seeking the management of the motor technique of each sport, all with the purpose of developing different capacities and skills for the life of the students, among which creativity stands out.

In addition, the goal is for the beneficiaries to understand and learn to take advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by sports to strengthen their integral development, their education and future job options, as well as the sustainable development of their community.

The Bolivar Davivienda Foundation has supported the strengthening of this axis.


Soccer and other
sports program

The purpose of the program is to provide a space for children and youths to explore soccer, as well as other sports, and to discover and strengthen the skills necessary for its practice.

Considering that soccer is the sport that most attracts children, it is practiced in all the sessions of the program; however, in each semester an additional sport is also explored, such as athletics, volleyball, basketball or baseball.

In addition to the techniques and strategies of each sport, the program places special emphasis on the development of body awareness and body care, and the development of different skills and competencies through sport, such as decision making, teamwork, and emotion management.

It also seeks that the beneficiaries understand and learn to take advantage of the multiple possibilities that sport opens to strengthen the sustainable development of their community and especially the Sustainable Development Goal – SDG 3 “Health and well-being”.

Boxing program

This program has one entry level and two advanced levels.

The purpose of the training level is to discover and strengthen the skills necessary for the practice of sports in general, through recreational activities aimed at the development of physical fitness, concentration, coordination, flexibility, balance, etc.

In the first advanced level, emphasis is also placed on physical preparation adjusted to the specific requirements of boxing and from activities, such as gloving, directly related to the practice of this sport. While, in the second advanced level, the emphasis is placed on the technical-tactical preparation for combat.

In accordance with what the Model proposes, the development of soft skills and socioemotional competencies is worked on at all levels.

Chess program

Recognizing the multiple opportunities that chess offers to strengthen the education of children and young people through the development of various cognitive and socio-affective skills, the Foundation has endeavored to massively promote its practice.

As part of this objective, it offers children in the communities where it works, the possibility of learning to practice it through a very innovative methodology, part of our Creative Leisure Model, which in addition to having a high recreational component, enhances the possibilities of sports science to strengthen key skills for school performance and personal life of the beneficiaries.

The children who participate in this program can participate in the festival or tournament mode of the A la Rueda Rueda Caribbean Chess Tournament.


Reading, writing and values education project.

Executed with the support of THE FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE

During the implementation of art and sports programs carried out by the Foundation with children and youths from the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Monteria, serious deficiencies were detected in their socioemotional and reading and writing skills, which affected the children’s integral development, their educational and social performance and, in short, the possibility of consolidating a life project in accordance with their interests and talents.

Considering the above, since 2022 we have been working with the Mapfre Foundation on a cross-cutting project to strengthen the reading and writing skills and values education of the 400 beneficiaries of all the Foundation’s programs, using a methodology based on our pedagogical model.


Financial education

Executed with support from Visa


Aware of the importance of the economic dimension in the consolidation of the life projects of the children, youths and women we impact, since 2023 we have been developing a cross-cutting project for all our programs that articulates the pedagogical proposal of the A la Rueda Rueda Foundation with a financial education component supported by Visa’s educational platforms and volunteers.

The emphasis of the project for children and youths is on the management of personal finances, while for women it also includes knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship.


Projects for women and mothers

With the support of Fundación Promigas, Corficolombiana and Artesanías de Colombia

Projects for women and mothers

Weaving Progress Project

The objective of the “Weaving Progress” project is to strengthen the capacities for the development of entrepreneurship of women in the communities impacted by the Foundation, through the production and sustainable commercialization of handicrafts and woven articles for family use.

The main components of the project are:

    1. Human and Social-Organizational Development
    2. Production and Quality
    3. Marketing

This project is being carried out in partnership with Fundación Promigas, Corficolombiana and Artesanías de Colombia.


Projects with educational institutions

COMPAS Projects 2022-2023

To promote the sustainable development of the communities in Compas’ area of influence by strengthening the education of children and youths, the Creative Leisure Model is being implemented in seven schools in two educational institutions in the municipality of Tolú.

IOM USAID 2020 Project

The purpose of the project “Colombia and Venezuela A History of Shared Realities and Dreams” was to implement the A la Rueda Rueda Creative Leisure Model in three educational institutions in Monteria, to strengthen the educational inclusion of Venezuelan migrant students and enhance the impact that this inclusion has on their peers, their teachers, and the educational institutions themselves.  The project had 3000 beneficiaries.

Entretejiendo 2019 Projects

Strengthening of education in three educational institutions in the Department of Sucre, through the implementation of the A la Rueda Rueda Pedagogical Model of Creative Leisure. The beneficiaries of the project were 3,000 students.

Promigas Surtigas 2019 Project

Strengthening of education in five educational institutions in Monteria, through the implementation of the A la Rueda Rueda Pedagogical Model of Creative Leisure. The beneficiaries of the project were 3,000 students.