A La Rueda Rueda Community Center for Sustainable Development

In Montería, the Foundation has its own facility located in one of the most vulnerable areas of Monteria, serving children and adolescents from the communities of El Privilegio, El Recuerdo, Villa Paz, Villa Melisa, Furatena, La Gloria and Nueva Esperanza. We work there to promote, through education, the sustainable development of these communities.

Overcoming the challenges faced by these communities is no easy task. The State has a great responsibility in this regard and makes a permanent effort to seek improvements, especially in the areas of food, security, housing, basic services and job opportunities. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to join forces with civil society organizations to help support those aspects that the government cannot cover, but, above all, a firm commitment from the community itself to improve their living conditions in every way, proposing new ways of thinking, recognizing, identifying, valuing and projecting themselves into the future.

Sustainable Development


Among other aspects, in the mid-term, this Center will allow us to

  • Expand the coverage of children and youths benefiting from our programs.
  • To achieve a greater focus of the arts and sports programs, and to implement the technology program, towards the promotion of sustainable development of the community, the country, and the planet. In other words, guide them to consolidate the skills, attitudes and values needed to make informed decisions and carry out responsible actions in favor of environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society.
  • Develop new projects for women and young people in the area, which, while seeking to contribute to solving the basic problems and needs they face (malnutrition, unemployment, poverty, precarious housing conditions, etc.), will always be oriented towards establishing links between these obvious difficulties and other issues related to sustainable development and social cohesion.


The Center's Sustainability Strategy, designed with the support of ALLCOT, defines the possible and relevant actions to be implemented in social, environmental, and economic matters to actively contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically to those identified as priorities, according to the diagnosis made by ALLCOT for the Foundation.

SOCIAL Dimension

General framework of the actions to be taken:

Impact on communities through education
Human Rights
Relationship with stakeholders




General framework of the actions to be taken:



ECONOMIC Dimension

General framework of the actions to be taken:

Education for work

Organizational profile and economic sustainability

Ethics and Integrity